Thursday, June 5, 2008

Easy ways to quit smoking

The problem with most smokers is that they wish to recover quickly from the nicotine damage, well I'm afraid there are very few easy ways to quit smoking. Easy ways to quit smoking exist but they are not as done-in-a-minute as they say and you will need a lot of determination and courage to succeed. The truth is that nowadays we need fast solutions to critical problems. Where can one look for easy ways to quit smoking? The most common answer would be on the Internet. High levels of stress are one of the biggest problems when you try to use easy ways to quit smoking and we must admit that usually our lives have a crazy rhythm. This is why I can't say that one single easy way to quit smoking really exists though theoretically there are alternatives. The cold turkey method is very disputed as some people have cured themselves using this technique while many others didn't find any relief.

I consider that the cold turkey is one easy way to quit smoking though it hasn't been confirmed yet to be highly effective. This is the theoretical easy way to quit smoking and it stands valid for those who smoke like twenty cigarettes a day. It also applies to someone that is highly-motivated by some external extreme factor. Once you feel your life at risk, you take the cold turkey method as one easy way to quit smoking. Therefore such easy ways to quit smoking do work but their effectiveness depends on lots of individual independent factors that vary from case to case.

It is normal to learn from the beginning that the easy way to quit smoking requires sacrifice and determination too. If you have a powerfully motivating factor like an illness caused by tobacco then your chances of success increase significantly. If you opt for one of the so called easy ways to quit smoking like acupuncture or over the counter treatments you considerably reduce the amount of the withdrawal symptoms. If you haven't decided yet which of the easy ways to quit smoking to try maybe surfing the web is a good idea and I would recommend Quit Smoking Expert to learn some tips for a healthier lifestyle. Keep in mind, however, that nothing works wonders and that easy ways to quit smoking also depend on you.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stop Smoking!

There are many ways to stop smoking today, these methods vary significantly from classical anti–nicotine treatments to herbal alternatives and even to hypnosis solutions. Smoking involves two separate problems: the psychological and the physical nicotine addiction. Once you've understood this you have a higher chance to stop smoking today. One of the most popular solutions against smoking is the use of nicotine replacements like gum or patches. These products can be easily found in any drug store, and doctors also recommend to turn to counseling in order to stop smoking today. Nicotine replacing products have a moderate rate of success in a stop smoking today strategy so they are a good start. Another way to stop smoking today is replacing your cigarettes with other ones containing less nicotine, this first step is normally followed by reducing the number of cigarettes smoked a day.

Another method to stop smoking today is to identify the triggers, what it is that makes you smoke. Once you know what favors your smoking habit, measures can be taken. The stop smoking today decision can work very well when you decided to quit smoking “Cold Turkey”. Also consider asking a non-smoker to help you like a family member or friend, they will give valuable support in your effort to stop smoking today. Another strategy to stop smoking today is that each time you feel like lighting a cigarette to think about the benefits of quitting and the health problems that smoking causes. Taking control over your live is not easy if you have an addiction, but trying is the best start. The most important thing is to redoubling efforts, never give up your plan and remember that it is only a matter of time until you finally escape from this deadly habit.

Finding the best method to stop smoking today comes sometimes naturally when there is enough positive determination. Many of those who stop smoking today, do it because of severe health problems. To eliminate nicotine cravings you'll have to try as many remedies as possible until you succeed. Unfortunately most non-smokers think that trying to stop smoking today is just a problem of will power. Nicotine is very, very addictive and most people don't understand what happens to a smoker when he or she tries to quit. A winning formula against smoking would contain anti–nicotine treatment, psychological counseling, educational information about the effects of smoking and a lot of positive thinking. So, stop smoking today!